High-end Hand Held Metal Detectors

High-end  hand-held metal detector  for security check 

   The hand-held metal detector is a kind of metal detector. It is named after the way of holding it. It is mainly used for factory anti-theft, site security and anti-cheating in the examination room. Compared with the walkthrough metal detector, the hand-held metal detector is more accurate. By means of electromagnetic induction of metal objects, the alarm mode mainly includes sound and light, vibration, or through headphones.
   Handheld metal detectors are designed to detect metal objects carried by people or objects. It can detect weapons, explosives or small metal objects contained in parcels, luggage, letters, fabrics, etc. carried by people. The special appearance of its sensitive surface makes operation easy. Better than ring sensor type. Ultra high sensitivity, special application. Such as prisons, chip factories, archaeological research, hospitals, etc.
   The hand-held metal detector (hand-held metal detector, imported metal detector search) is used to check the specific position of the person carrying the metal, and can also be used with the walkthrough metal detector. When the "walkthrough metal detector" alarm finds metal objects, With a hand-held metal detector, you can find the exact location of the metal objects. When inspecting the human body, complete the inspection work from top to bottom.

Metal detector WD190VProduct advantages of the high-end hand-held metal detector

   Sensitivity is the most important parameter to measure the detection capability of metal detectors. Currently, the world's highest-end handheld metal detector can detect 0.13 grams of gold. Non-ferrous metals are much more difficult to detect than non-ferrous metals because of the non-ferrous metals. The magnetic field sensing capability is very poor, so many products are of poor quality.
   We are a direct manufacturer of hand-held metal detectors, we dedicated to developing the best metal detector with high quality and most cost-effective products. Many merchants on the market are just dealers. They can't produce products by themselves. So it is difficult to control the quality of products from the source. Our hand-held metal detectors are based on the latest technology in 2019, providing precise positioning of metal targets, detecting and visually indicating the location of possible threat objects. Mainly used to detect dangerous metal objects such as tools and pistols, as well as for safety inspection purposes.
   Meanwhile, it similar to Garrett  Metal Detector in the working principle. But performance is no less than Garrett's and more affordable, plus, the product is strictly compliant with the NIJ0601.02 regulation. Thus, quality and safety are more assured, we had got many positive feedbacks in Western countries. Not only high performance, but different product lines to meet all customer needs (low, medium and high). At this point, it brings great convenience to customers, everyone can choose the most suitable Hand Held Metal Detectors according to their own needs.

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